Michael Moore should shut his Obese Face

Michael Moore Blames Patriots for Boston Terror Attack
April 16, 2013

Filmmaker Michael Moore and the socialist intelligentsia will not rest until they have eliminated the opposition. On Monday, a few hours after the terrorist attack in Boston, Moore went on his Twitter account and posted a couple tweets blaming the patriot movement for the attack.

“The filmmaker was not giving us a math lesson, but rather insinuating to his 1.5 million followers that they should put two and two together to figure out who was behind the bombings,”writes Red Alert Politics.

Even Mediaite found Moore’s accusation over-the-top. “Documentary filmmaker Michael Moore was uncharacteristically cryptic about his thoughts on the Boston bombings, but it didn’t take a mathematical genius to figure out just what he was saying here: This must be the work of anti-government, anti-tax Tea Party right-wing whatevers, because… just because,” Andrew Kirell wrote earlier today.

It’s precisely the sort of behavior we should expect from radical modern day socialists who hate the Constitution and the Bill of Rights – except for the First Amendment, of course, which they wouldn’t think of defending with the power granted by the Second.

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Michael Moore Blames Patriots for Boston Terror Attack