Most people under 30 today are just plain stupid and sissafied sissies

As I was at the Trump Rally today I saw this obese ugly lesbian dressed like Trump with a Nazi armband on implying that Trump is a Nazi.  Then she went on to scream “Trump is a racist”.  People today who under 30 like to use words like racist, sexist, homophobic, fascist and a long list of other word they have no fucking idea what they mean.

First off no one alive today in America has ever been a slave or knows what that is.  The only people who have any complaints are people who were victim to human trafficking and people who live in countries that opening practice slavery like Africa, China, and others.

You dont know what racism is and have never experienced it the way others several generations have experienced it so shut and and get over it.  Oh one more thing it isnt illegal to be a racists as long as no one is trying to physically harm you.  People are free to associate with who they want and avoid people they dont want.  get over that too.

No one today seems to know what being sexist is and dumb women love to throw this one around and the pussy men who hang around with these dumb women with the sole purpose of trying to screw them.

The word homophobic is made up and just plan ridiculous.  No one is afraid of homosexuals and just because you dont agree with the lifestyle doesn’t people your discriminating in any way.

Finally you dont know what fascism is because if you really did you would look in the mirror and realize you have become what you maybe hated when you first got involved.

There is no such thing as “white privilege” , women dont get paid less in the work place and you dont deserve $15.00 an hour for minimum wage.

The Declaration of Independence guarantees Life Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.  Happiness is not guaranteed.  You have to make it on your own.