Trump Rally in Chicago Ruined by Leftists Scum

These people who claim to be liberals are nothing more than fascist.  They claim to want free speech but that ends when you dont agree with them.  These Groups like LaRaza, Black Lives Matter, and all these entitled white people need to move to a communist country, stand down or you will be mowed down.

Patriots have been patient and we do not look for trouble but we are in self defense mode now.  These so called liberals will kill you, your kids and rape your wife and not even think twice.  They will say you had it coming because they’ve been “oppressed”.  They are the scum of the earth and they only know and respond to one thing.  The founders understood this truth.

Our founder called out this birthright given to us by God.  We need to use it otherwise we are all dead including our children.

Chicago Trump Rally Canceled Over Security Concerns