Sheriff’s department faces massive backlash following shocking comments

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Upon request, Infowars has released the full video conversation between a woman and a Spokane sheriff’s deputy who outrageously stated that armored military vehicles were needed for “constitutionalists” with firearms.

“I mean, we’ve got a lot of constitutionalists and a lot of people that stockpile weapons, lots of ammunition,” the deputy said in response to questions on the need for armored vehicles. “They have weapons here locally.”

The Spokane deputy came under intense scrutiny after the exclusive Infowars report prompted an immediate backlash from tens of thousands of concerned Americans.

Spokane County Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich responded with an eight minute video the following Monday in which Infowars was essentially blamed for highlighting the deputy’s disturbing comments.

Knezovich asserted that the deputy’s comments were “taken out of context,” despite the video clearly showing the deputy answering a question on the domestic need for armored vehicles.

Knezovich’s claim seemingly suggests that the deputy’s comments could have been appropriate if the clip had been longer, despite offering no such example in which that would be the case.

The issue was further averted by Knezovich when he argued that the Infowars article was nothing more than “hatemongering,” a statement which conveniently ignores Infowars countless articles, reports and videos highlighting and praising positive law enforcement encounters across the country.
By releasing the full video, Infowars has not only proven the deputy’s comments to be in context, but also eviscerated Knezovich’s claim that the full clip would absolve his deputy.

Additionally, Knezovich attempted to blame Infowars for an alleged threat against his deputy in a third-party comment board. Knezovich made no attempt to contact Infowars to have the alleged comment removed but instead kept the information quiet in order to later trumpet the claim to local media.

Speaking with the Spokesman-Review, Knezovich went on to state that he was “reluctant to take the video from InfoWars seriously because of the conspiracy theories posted on the site,” a bizarre remark that once again attempts to blame the messenger while ignoring the message.

Although several deputies in the clip state that things have gotten “crazy,” gun homicide has actually dropped nearly 50 percent since 1993 with all other violent crime seeing a similar drop during the same time period. Thankfully, police officer deaths also hit a six-decade low last year according to the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund.

According to Washington State Representative Matthew Shea, deputies within Knezovich’s department became outraged last year after being forced to receive training from the Southern Poverty Law Center, a group which has long labeled Constitution-supporting Americans as extremist.

“What’s very startling about this particular Sheriff is he had the Southern Poverty Law Center in here training his deputies a few years ago and a lot of the rank and file deputies actually expressed their concerns with the training and their concerns with the direction the Sheriff was taking the department,” Shea said.

Infowars has long highlighted the endless stream of federally-produced training manuals that attempt to divide law enforcement and the public by labeling those with “Dont Tread on Me” flags, Ron Paul bumper stickers and pocket Constitutions as dangerous enemies of the state.

Spokane Valley residents have since planned a protest outside the sheriff’s office this Saturday to demand that the armored vehicle be returned to the military and that the department change its training.

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